We Must Be Doing Something Right If This Happens

Porsche Dick Lovett We Make Film Happen

Recently we found out we were winners in an international Porsche competition (well we came 3rd – but it says winners on the certificate so we’ll take that). That’s great news.

It was this Facebook post which made me even more happy.

Porsche We Make Film Happen

Why- because it shows the storytelling and emotion we try to include in each video,  via my video production company We Make Film Happen  surpasses the object and brand. It connects with people.

She says “Never thought I’d share a car video”

We’ve gone beyond what we wanted to achieve. We’ve connected emotionally with a person (female too) who previously may have had no connection to luxury cars like Porsche.

For me that is an EVEN bigger win.


Want us to work with you on a video project? matt@wemakefilmhappen.com

Big kudos to Liam Dowler and Joe Sullivan from We Make Film Happen for creating this masterpiece of a film!

Thanks to Lucy Hawkins and Elliot Newton from Dick Lovett and Porsche Centre Swindon

Porsche We Make Film Happen

Porsche We Make Film Happen


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