Raising £1,000,000 for Mental Health. My Why.

100 of us each raising £10,000 to collectively raise £1,000,000 for Mental Health.


1st – my Why.

7 years ago I was burnout.

I thought I was invincible.

Turns out I’m not.

This moment actually became my awakening. It became my breakthrough moment.

Knowing all humans have a breaking point is important.
We all have mental health.
We all need to be careful.
We all need to treat ourselves and others with kindness.
I was lost. I was lacking in purpose. What was this all for?

In that time of becoming myself again I got back into #running which helped me loads. I was looking after myself again. It gave me time to think about ideas, the future. It allowed me to be creative. It released Good chemicals. It naturally made me feel Good.

Those thoughts led me to step into being more like my Dad and purposely attract more kindness into my life. This led onto starting my kindness project We Make Good Happen (which was life changing)

It allowed me to think what would make a good dad (we had our son on the way). It got me thinking about what it takes to be a good role model.

For most of my adult life I’ve tried to go running at least once a week. Last year I made a habit of going 3 times a week.

This also leads me 7 years later to being really proud to be a part of #Project1Million for Bigmoose coffee co (superbly run by Jeff & Chloe)

100 people each raising £10,000 to collectively raise £1,000,000.

Yes that’s a MILLION POUNDS.

They will use this money for therapy to help people with their mental health, prevent #suicide and reduce #homelessness

If you need help. Ask.


Want to donate? Thank you

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