Raising £1,000,000 for Mental Health. My Why.

100 of us each raising £10,000 to collectively raise £1,000,000 for Mental Health. Why? 1st – my Why. 7 years ago I was burnout. I thought I was invincible. Turns out I’m not. This moment actually became my awakening. It became my breakthrough moment. Knowing all humans have a breaking point is important.We all haveContinue reading “Raising £1,000,000 for Mental Health. My Why.”

Give Kindness A Chance

I’m really honoured that the BBC commissioned my Give Kindness A Chance radio documentary. “Matt Callanan meets the people whose lives have been changed by kindness, and the surprising science about its benefits for our health and wellbeing.” It’s going out live on 21st March 7pm on BBC Radio Wales and 6.30pm on 24th March.Continue reading “Give Kindness A Chance”

Want to start a podcast?

If you or your business want to start a podcast – we can help. I run courses on podcasting and produce podcasts for people, companies and brands that achieve great results, chart in Apple Podcasts and attract amazing opportunities. Want to start a Podcast? Join my Podcast Like A Pro Course Have a podcast alreadyContinue reading “Want to start a podcast?”

How To Build Hope, Ideas And Resilience With Matt Prior

Apple:https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/how-to-build-hope-ideas-resilience-matt-prior-episode/id1477035059?i=1000471108669 Spotify: At 20 years old he’d signed up to be in the air force until he was 40. He trained hard and became a qualified fighter jet pilot. Then his world came crashing down. Completely unexpectedly, because of cutbacks, he was suddenly made redundant. What you can learn from a former fighter jet pilot,Continue reading “How To Build Hope, Ideas And Resilience With Matt Prior”

How To Successfully launch a Podcast (in 6 minutes)

I spoke to a couple of hundred people at the sold out PodCon Cymru Wales’ first podcast conference. I included any many tips on podcasting that I’ve learnt from producing the We Make Success Happen Podcast in 6 minutes. I tried to go for informative (with a little bit of humour). Let us know whatContinue reading “How To Successfully launch a Podcast (in 6 minutes)”

[EP 002] How Adventure Can Change Your Life With Matt Prior

How adventure can change your life with Matt Prior // We Make Success Happen // EP 002 Matt Prior: Adventurer // Pilot // World Record Holder   Matt Prior talks: Why he considered becoming a monk (yes really!) after his career as a fighter jet pilot How adventure can open up your world What kindnessContinue reading “[EP 002] How Adventure Can Change Your Life With Matt Prior”

I’m on the front cover of a (best selling!) book!

Was very exciting to open a package this afternoon to see that I’m on the front of my 1st book cover (and it’s an Amazon Best Seller!) Soon after #Tenner4Good I was approached by Australian author, therapist and amazing human Veronica Farmer who runs Made Beautiful By Scars and asked if I was willing to tell my story. Across 8Continue reading “I’m on the front cover of a (best selling!) book!”