Making people’s Christmas Day happier

“One elderly woman burst into tears when she was given the treat bag. She said it was the only present she’d received that Christmas.”  This year with We Make Good Happen we’re helping to make Christmas Day a little bit happier for 2 groups of people: 1) Making treat bags for elderly people who are alone onContinue reading “Making people’s Christmas Day happier”

BBC Radio – 6 Music

  Sunday 17th Dec – 7am – 10am – BBC Radio 6Music It’s a great honour to have recorded some bits on #kindness and #ActsOfGoodwill for  BBC’s #6Music on #MaryAnneHobbs  I get to talk about the We Make Good Happen story, some of the things we’ve done such as #Tenner4Good , I give some tips on some good deeds people can do and also get someContinue reading “BBC Radio – 6 Music”

Russell Howard TV Show – Tenner4Good

Amazingly Russell Howard liked the Tenner4Good idea and wanted to do it himself on his TV show. Being a fellow Bristolian and big fan of this awesome comedian/TV presenter and all round nice guy this was a great honour. He hid 100 £10s around the place with the same 2 rules: Don’t spend it onContinue reading “Russell Howard TV Show – Tenner4Good”