We Must Be Doing Something Right If This Happens

Porsche Dick Lovett We Make Film Happen

Recently we found out we were winners in an international Porsche competition (well we came 3rd – but it says winners on the certificate so we’ll take that). That’s great news.

It was this Facebook post which made me even more happy.

Porsche We Make Film Happen

Why- because it shows the storytelling and emotion we try to include in each video,  via my video production company We Make Film Happen  surpasses the object and brand. It connects with people.

She says “Never thought I’d share a car video”

We’ve gone beyond what we wanted to achieve. We’ve connected emotionally with a person (female too) who previously may have had no connection to luxury cars like Porsche.

For me that is an EVEN bigger win.


Want us to work with you on a video project? matt@wemakefilmhappen.com

Big kudos to Liam Dowler and Joe Sullivan from We Make Film Happen for creating this masterpiece of a film!

Thanks to Lucy Hawkins and Elliot Newton from Dick Lovett and Porsche Centre Swindon

Porsche We Make Film Happen

Porsche We Make Film Happen


Want incredible video? Get in touch We Make Film Happen

Best Way to Spend an Hour Ever?

Anyone can do it.

It increases the  “love hormone” oxytocin.

It reduces stress, including its impact on your blood pressure and heart rate.

Once a day may fight infections, boost your immune system, ease depression and lessen fatigue.

I’ve filmed it before and got partially involved before, but never fully got integrated with it . So on this occasion I wanted to properly experience it and left my camera at home.

Free Hugs Cardiff

I’m talking about Free Hugs. I went along to the ace Free Hugs Cardiff which takes part in the city centre.

Once you get over any awkwardness and any fear of rejection – you’ll find it really brings a smile to your face, you inwardly feel warm and can visibly see the difference it makes to a lot of the people who accept a hug.

Free Hugs - Matt Callanan - We Make Good Happen

Though who accepts a hug from a stranger? Where did this all start?

Juan Mann on June 30, 2004, started giving out hugs in central Sydney. In the months prior to this, Mann had been feeling depressed and lonely as a result of numerous personal difficulties. However, a random hug from a stranger made an enormous difference, with Mann stating that “…I went out to a party one night and a completely random person came up to me and gave me a hug. I felt like a king! It was greatest thing that ever happened.”

The idea went viral helped by a music video which used footage of Mann giving out #FreeHugs



There are now groups around the world that give out free hugs.

I actually heard about Free Hugs Cardiff from the lovely Sri at an Ignite Talk (and you can actually see me right at the end of the talk run up on to the stage and give the amazing Sri a hug – this was before I knew him and thought of the We Make Good Happen idea)

Free Hugs - Matt Callanan - We Make Good Happen

I got a lot out of the hour and a bit giving out Free Hugs to random people in the city centre. I went away feeling buzzing and smiling to myself. I lost count of the amount of people I’d hugged and smiles I’d seen. It really did feel like a made a brief connection with these people.

Free Hugs Cardiff

And you never know – it might just make someone’s day. I’ve heard some great stories of individuals being really moved after receiving a hug.

Have a search in your area / city and see if there’s one happening. If not why not think of starting your own group?

I really do think that was one of the best hours I’ve ever spent…



Free Hugs - Matt Callanan - We Make Good Happen

(All photos courtesy of Free Hugs Cardiff)

#FreeHugs #WeMakeGoodHappen #Tenner4Good

George Clooney inspired my TEDx Talk

Here’s my 1st ever #TEDx talking about how the #WeMakeGoodHappen journey started with #GeorgeClooney and resulted in #Tenner4Good

Will do a longer post – including some tips and techniques I used – that you could apply if you need to do a big presentation or #TED talk.

Big thanks to the TEDxCanton team for inviting me and being all round awesome on the day.

#MattCallanan #BillMurray #TheBigIssue #Cardiff #Kindness #Compassion


The Sunday Times Alternative Rich List

The Sunday Times Alternative Rich List Matt Callanan We Make Good Happen Tenner4Good

“30 incredible people, all living inspirational and enriched lives in the UK right now.”

It’s an absolute honour to be included in the Alternative Rich List 2018 published by The Sunday Times.

“The playful samaritan who started good deeds trending”


It’s the 2nd year it’s run, which is included in the annual Rich List that they produce.

It was completely out of the blue when they got in touch with me and you never really believe it’s going to happen until it’s published.

“We wish to include you for your mission to spread happiness through We Make Good Happen.”

The Sunday Times Alternative Rich List Matt Callanan We Make Good Happen Tenner4Good


Want to thank everyone involved with We Make Good Happen and #Tenner4Good as it’s your kindness and involvement with Good deeds for other people that have helped me get to this point. It’s appreciated.

There are some amazing names and people making a massive positive difference in the world go check them out: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/spon/alternative-rich-list/

I’m dedicating this one to my Dad. The awesome Morgan Callanan x

#WeMakeGoodHappen #AltRichList #Tenner4Good #AlternativeRichList #Kindness #Happiness

Sparking The Joy Of Human Kindness

This is still one of my favourite #GoodDeeds #ActsOfKindness we’ve done.

We heard about a lovely lady called Marjorie who was turning 100 in a care home, but she had no immediate family. So as We Make Good Happen (Cardiff/Newport/Wales) we went and put on a big party for her…

And there was an extra surprise for her too

Join us in helping to make the world a happier and kinder place:


Twitter: https://twitter.com/WeMakeGoodHappn

Instagram: https://twitter.com/WeMakeGoodHappn

#WeMakeGoodHappen #1MillionDeedsOfGood #Cardiff #Newport #Wales #Kindness

Making people’s Christmas Day happier

We Make Good Happen

“One elderly woman burst into tears when she was given the treat bag. She said it was the only present she’d received that Christmas.” 

This year with We Make Good Happen we’re helping to make Christmas Day a little bit happier for 2 groups of people:

1) Making treat bags for elderly people who are alone on Xmas day 
(which we did last year for the Maes y Coed Community Centre who very graciously open their doors on Xmas day )

It would be amazing if anyone would like to donate:


2) There will be around 1,400 individuals staying on a mental health ward, in Wales, over Christmas.
You can help brighten the day for 22 individuals based on a ward by donating a gift.


Big thanks!
Matt & #WeMakeGoodHappen team

FYI: If anyone wants to drop off luxury items for either appeals you can here until 5pm Friday 22nd Dec. (and just hand to reception) or PM me Matt Callanan

Tramshed Tech, Pendyris St, #Cardiff CF11 6BH


100 Cards 4 Good

100 Cards 4 Good // 100Cards4Good - We Make Good Happen

Do you know of someone who’s alone at Christmas? Do you know of an elderly person who’s family lives away?

I bought 100 Christmas cards from #Homeless charity The Wallich (which were created by ace people I Loves the Diff ) and sending out/delivering all 100 of these cards to someone who might want to be cheered up a little bit, so I can help let them know they’re not alone.

I’m hand writing each one and will create a warm message for each one inside.

So far cards are going to elderly residents in care homes that don’t have any family, through to refugees who I’m helping to make feel welcome in our country.

If you know someone who might want a card do get in touch.

Merry Christmas!

Matt Callanan

100 Cards 4 Good

BBC Radio – 6 Music

BBC 6Music - Acts Of Good Will - Matt Callanan - We Make Good Happen


Sunday 17th Dec – 7am – 10am – BBC Radio 6Music

It’s a great honour to have recorded some bits on #kindness and #ActsOfGoodwill for  BBC’s #6Music on #MaryAnneHobbs 

I get to talk about the We Make Good Happen story, some of the things we’ve done such as #Tenner4Good , I give some tips on some good deeds people can do and also get some select some music too.