100 Cards 4 Good

100 Cards 4 Good // 100Cards4Good - We Make Good Happen

Do you know of someone who’s alone at Christmas? Do you know of an elderly person who’s family lives away?

I bought 100 Christmas cards from #Homeless charity The Wallich (which were created by ace people I Loves the Diff ) and sending out/delivering all 100 of these cards to someone who might want to be cheered up a little bit, so I can help let them know they’re not alone.

I’m hand writing each one and will create a warm message for each one inside.

So far cards are going to elderly residents in care homes that don’t have any family, through to refugees who I’m helping to make feel welcome in our country.

If you know someone who might want a card do get in touch.

Merry Christmas!

Matt Callanan

100 Cards 4 Good

BBC Radio – 6 Music

BBC 6Music - Acts Of Good Will - Matt Callanan - We Make Good Happen


Sunday 17th Dec – 7am – 10am – BBC Radio 6Music

It’s a great honour to have recorded some bits on #kindness and #ActsOfGoodwill for  BBC’s #6Music on #MaryAnneHobbs 

I get to talk about the We Make Good Happen story, some of the things we’ve done such as #Tenner4Good , I give some tips on some good deeds people can do and also get some select some music too.

Russell Howard TV Show – Tenner4Good

Amazingly Russell Howard liked the Tenner4Good idea and wanted to do it himself on his TV show.

Being a fellow Bristolian and big fan of this awesome comedian/TV presenter and all round nice guy this was a great honour.

He hid 100 £10s around the place with the same 2 rules:

  1. Don’t spend it on yourself
  2. Do some Good with it

He also encouraged people to use their own tenners and created his own Tenner4Good template for people to download.

Episode 1:


Episode 2:


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