Video Production Cardiff, Wales

We’ve just launched our brand new showreel for 2020. As We Make Film Happen we are a video production company based in Cardiff, Wales. Even though we’re based in Cardiff, we film all around the UK and the world. We’ve filmed with George Clooney through to Richard Branson. Documented adventurers up volcanoes and created promotionalContinue reading “Video Production Cardiff, Wales”

Kindness and Business

Really looking forward to speaking at this (sold out) 51.6 event in Swansea next week put on by the excellent and forward thinking people Urban Foundry. I’ll be talking about my adventures on ‘Sparking the joy of human #kindness’ with We Make Good Happen, the heroes that have gone on to spread compassion to othersContinue reading “Kindness and Business”

We Must Be Doing Something Right If This Happens

Recently we found out we were winners in an international Porsche competition (well we came 3rd – but it says winners on the certificate so we’ll take that). That’s great news. It was this Facebook post which made me even more happy. Why- because it shows the storytelling and emotion we try to include inContinue reading “We Must Be Doing Something Right If This Happens”

Why we had to change our name

When I decided to leave the BBC in London 8 years ago to start working for myself, some people called me crazy. Why? Because I’d recently been offered a full time contract to work for the mighty Beeb, based at the infamous Television Centre. It was safe. It was cosy. There was a great atmosphereContinue reading “Why we had to change our name”