Kindness and Business

Really looking forward to speaking at this (sold out) 51.6 event in Swansea next week put on by the excellent and forward thinking people Urban Foundry. I’ll be talking about my adventures on ‘Sparking the joy of human #kindness’ with We Make Good Happen, the heroes that have gone on to spread compassion to othersContinue reading “Kindness and Business”

Best Way to Spend an Hour Ever?

Anyone can do it. It increases the  “love hormone” oxytocin. It reduces stress, including its impact on your blood pressure and heart rate. Once a day may fight infections, boost your immune system, ease depression and lessen fatigue. I’ve filmed it before and got partially involved before, but never fully got integrated with it . So onContinue reading “Best Way to Spend an Hour Ever?”

George Clooney inspired my TEDx Talk

Here’s my 1st ever #TEDx talking about how the #WeMakeGoodHappen journey started with #GeorgeClooney and resulted in #Tenner4Good Will do a longer post – including some tips and techniques I used – that you could apply if you need to do a big presentation or #TED talk. Big thanks to the TEDxCanton team for inviting meContinue reading “George Clooney inspired my TEDx Talk”

The Sunday Times Alternative Rich List

“30 incredible people, all living inspirational and enriched lives in the UK right now.” It’s an absolute honour to be included in the Alternative Rich List 2018 published by The Sunday Times. “The playful samaritan who started good deeds trending”   It’s the 2nd year it’s run, which is included in the annual Rich ListContinue reading “The Sunday Times Alternative Rich List”

Sparking The Joy Of Human Kindness

This is still one of my favourite #GoodDeeds #ActsOfKindness we’ve done. We heard about a lovely lady called Marjorie who was turning 100 in a care home, but she had no immediate family. So as We Make Good Happen (Cardiff/Newport/Wales) we went and put on a big party for her… And there was an extraContinue reading “Sparking The Joy Of Human Kindness”

Making people’s Christmas Day happier

“One elderly woman burst into tears when she was given the treat bag. She said it was the only present she’d received that Christmas.”  This year with We Make Good Happen we’re helping to make Christmas Day a little bit happier for 2 groups of people: 1) Making treat bags for elderly people who are alone onContinue reading “Making people’s Christmas Day happier”

Russell Howard TV Show – Tenner4Good

Amazingly Russell Howard liked the Tenner4Good idea and wanted to do it himself on his TV show. Being a fellow Bristolian and big fan of this awesome comedian/TV presenter and all round nice guy this was a great honour. He hid 100 £10s around the place with the same 2 rules: Don’t spend it onContinue reading “Russell Howard TV Show – Tenner4Good”