Tenner4Good - We Make Good Happen

What good can you do with £10, €10, $10?

Tenner4Good was an idea I came up as one of the Good deeds for We Make Good Happen

I created a Good Deed treasure hunt, where I hid a number of £10s in envelopes around the city where I live in Cardiff.

Inside each envelopes were 2 rules:

  1. Don’t spend it on yourself
  2. You’ve got to do some Good with it.

The #Tenner4Good were hidden around the city with photographs of their locations released on social media (such as We Make Good Happen twitter account)

This idea went viral, with it trending on twitter, I was live on BBC Breakfast news, a BBC News piece about it was front page for 3 days, a BBC Three doc had over 3 Million views and it reported in many of the tabloids.

The idea spread with people around the world then doing Tenner4Good in their own countries like America, Australia and even Africa!

Tenner4Good - We Make Good Happen

Russell Howard did #Tenner4Good on his TV Show

Russell Howard TV Show

BBC Three Amazing Humans

BrightVibes #Tenner4Good

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